Work On God's Work...

A few days ago, I looked back on how far I've come. Not just in age, but how much more wisdom God has allowed me to gain and how much my faith has grown. I continue to be amazed by how God works. I can't figure him out, but yet and still I know I will never be able to.

I mean, this is my father who handpicked me. This is my father who comforts me and lifts me up when I feel I can't go any further.

Although I know how amazing God is, I still have my days when I'm asking God if he has forgotten about me..

A few weeks ago I felt so stuck in everything I was attempting to accomplish. I would get two steps closer and be dropped back four steps.

I did everything. I think. I pray and I ask God and I wrote the vision down and I prayed and I asked God over and over and over and over....

I asked God what is going on and it may sound insane, but at the moment it was as if God shuck me and stopped me right in my tracks.

He said, "Moesha, you don't worship me like you used to. You're complacent and you stopped working on you."

And it was true.... when I cared more about working on myself and my heart....everything I touched grew, but when I stopped so did my growth.

You have to work on God's work, YOU.

Your clock is not ticking. Your account number will remain the same.

Work on YOU and God will bring the rest right behind you.





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